Exciting News! Penjo is now on Apple Vision Pro! A new dimension in Journaling and Planning


Your Daily Planner and Agenda

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Plan your days, monitor habits, track calendar events, and enjoy sync

Expressive Note-taking

You can draw with Apple Pencil or your finger, insert text via scribble or keyboard, copy & paste or drag & drop from other apps, insert images from your photos library, copy & paste or drag & drop from other apps, insert various shapes and customize them.

Multiple Journals

Organize your notes, daily logs, diaries, plans in multiple journals.

Easy iCloud Syncing

Access your notes anywhere with iCloud Sync across iPads , iPhones and Apple Silicon Macs (Viewer only)

Protected Journals

Keep your thoughts and notes private with FaceID/TouchID either journal level or app level.


Keep essential day sheets at your fingertips with swift access bookmarks page

Powerful Calendar Integration

Track your Apple Calendar events, monitor in month view, add new events or edit them, view details or add to day sheet to annotate them.

Map Cards

Add Map Cards to track precise locations and enrich with annotations.

Habit Tracking

In month view, you can mark your each day or interval to track your habits or important dates.


Select among different cover colors, paper colors or from blank, lined, squared, dotted paper options.

Timely Reminders

Set reminders to plan your day, reflect on achievements, or update your diary

Flexible Note Spacing

Manage note spacing for neat layouts with “Shift Canvas” and “Collapse Space”


# of Journals2Unlimited
# of Day Sheets5Unlimited
# of Pages per Sheet2Unlimited
# of Export Pages1Unlimited
# of Month Views for Habit Tracker1Unlimited
iCloud Sync✔️
Calendar Events Integration✔️
Password-Protected Journals✔️
Tags & Search*✔️
Handwriting Recognition*✔️
Map Cards✔️✔️
Insert Text✔️✔️
Insert Image✔️✔️
Insert Shapes✔️✔️
Spacer (Shift Canvas, Collapse Space)✔️✔️
iPhone App✔️✔️

* Currently Under Development

Many Great Features to Come

  • Tags & Search
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Decorative Stickers
  • And many more…